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Bad Rhymer

By Julian Matthews -

She read a poem I wrote on laundry

And said she liked it

She said I'm prolific

Perhaps if she met me in person, she would know

I smell

and reek of dirty doggerel

and mucky metaphors

I am missing meter and cadence like socks missing their pair—

found under the washing machine a month later

with some bits of underwear

I stink of rhymes prostituted and drenched in cheap perfume

To please daddies, sugary or otherwise

I am a walking pile of a week's unwashed verbiage

Waiting for a line break

To be hung out to dry

And here's me making my last stanza

To separate the wordy whites from the coloured clichés and soppy delicates

So soak it in

Before I dye...


Julian Matthews is a former journalist expressing himself in the pandemic through poetry, short stories and essays. He is published in The American Journal of Poetry, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, among others. He is based in Malaysia.


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