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Our Commitment to Poets:
Engagement and Remuneration Policy

At Lime Square Poets, we are dedicated to supporting and valuing the incredible work of our featured poets. Our approach to engaging with poets is guided by principles of fairness, equality, and respect for artistic expression.


Payment Policy:



Each featured poet receives a consistent fee of €150 for their participation, regardless of their experience or publication history. We believe in equal remuneration for all poets, honoring the diverse range of voices and perspectives they bring to our platform.

Payment Method:

Payments are made either via PayPal or bank transfer, according to the poet's preference.

Timely Payment:

We ensure that our poets are paid within 30 days following their event, recognising the importance of timely remuneration.

Engagement and Support:


Technical Support:

We provide technical support to our featured poets as needed, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable online event experience.


We are committed to accommodating any accessibility requirements our poets may have. We believe in creating an inclusive environment for all our artists.

Artistic Freedom:

Preparation for readings is entirely at the discretion of our poets. As professional artists, we trust in their expertise and preparation methods.


Lime Square Poets actively promotes each event on our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as on our website. This ensures that our poets' work reaches a broad and engaged audience.

Contact Us:

For any queries or further information, poets are encouraged to reach out to us via the contact form on our website. We are always here to assist and provide additional information.

Lime Square Poets proudly adheres to the fair and equitable treatment of all artists, as outlined by The Arts Council. We are committed to transparency in our practices and to the continuous support of the poetic community.

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