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Again and Again 

By Catherine Ronan

Hermes carries my love to you on winged sandals of desire.

In that myth of soaking rain, I steal a thunderbolt.

Splashing between dream and reason, I am the beast.

Minotaur of your mind walking with hand-spun thread of fate.

As huntress, I shear your golden fleece of carnality.

Helios cannot rise for three days before our friction draws fire.

Pain of obsessive love demands we must drink exile. 

Eris carries discord as the terrible lizard of sleep.

Black bile of memory spits anarchy.

We are perfectly flawed humans for now.

Tomorrow, we wake in the milky vault of galaxies,

and begin again and again and again.  


Catherine Ronan holds a degree in Applied Psychology and French. Writing poetry since childhood, she returned to UCC to study Creative Writing in 2019.

Since then she has joined multiple poetry collectives, performs on open mics, is a member of Debarra’s Spoken Word Team and created her first poetry film ‘Policing Mary’. Her work has been chosen for Poetry in the Park and Heritage Projects.

She won the Winter Solstice Poetry Competition, was long listed for Cúirt and highly commended in the Munster Literature Fool for Poetry Chapbook Competition.

Published both nationally and internationally, her debut poetry collection ‘ Elemental Skin ‘ was published by Revival and has been nominated by them for the Piggott, Forward and Heaney Poetry Prize. 


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