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Victory Flight

By Phil Lynch -

a wedge of geese

in perfect flight formation

carve their way like arrows through the evening sky

I ask if you have seen them

you tell me no

but that you heard

their plaintive cries,

you tell me you admire their uncompromising

determination to make it

to their destination

you grab hold of me

my feet tread the air

I coast at ease in your trail, our flight path

carved between moon and stars

we make landfall


Phil Lynch lives in Dublin. His work has been published in a range of literary journals and anthologies, most recently: Skylight 47, The Honest Ulsterman, Vox Galvia, The Bangor Literary Journal, Live Encounters Poetry, Days of Clear Light, The Music of What Happens, and 2 Meter Review.

Phil was the winner of the live Intercompetitive Poetry/Spoken Word Competition, and a runner-up in the iYeats Poetry Competition. He was highly commended in The Bangor Lit Journal 40 Words Competition (2021), the Francis Ledwidge Poetry Competition (2021), and short-listed in a number of others. Phil is a regular performer at poetry/spoken word events and festivals in Ireland and has performed at events in the USA, UK, Belgium and France. His collection, In a Changing Light, (Salmon Poetry), was published in 2016


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