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The Last Poet in the Anthology

by David McLoghlin

Usually the youngest among the ones 

who still have hyphens for death days

—maybe, finally a woman, or a name heavy 

with vowels—I’m represented by a single poem. 

So don’t think me ungrateful. Even though I wrote it 

myself, there’s a curt strangeness, rereading my bio, 

that leaves out my life: “work published in Shindig

Black Rhino and Coterie. Has lived in Rome 

and Antwerp. Now teaching Special Needs in Trim.” 

I know the crabby elder statesman anthologist 

has given me the nod to stand for this generation

I know speech after long silence; it is right 

and just, to be here. And after all the definite 

red brick edifice becoming the canon 

in the previous pages, there’s a tentativeness 

about my single poem: but something growing, 

nonetheless. Even though it might just 

be breath on the window.


David McLoghlin is a poet and writer of creative nonfiction. His books are Waiting For Saint Brendan and Other Poems and Santiago Sketches. CRASH CENTRE will be published by Salmon in May 2024. He teaches creative writing with Writers in Schools, and is a mentor with the National Mentoring Scheme.


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