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Love on the Eaves (Αντίο Oρφέα)

by Kieran Fionn Murphy

You’d laugh and shake your head if I told you

that, in Cork, two doves kissed good morning

on a sunny wire over Dean Street,

but they did,

as a workman’s gloved hands pulled up

sheets on a building on South Main Street,

and a surge of cars jostled snouts

beside the courthouse steps.

An Airbus roared

across the Western Road, turned right above

the Mardyke, and made for a cloud

grazing Sunday’s Well,

and then, improbable, I heard him

warble, a blackbird call. I stopped, spotted him

up on Daly, Derham, Donnelly – Orpheus

of the eaves,

orange beak scissoring

the steely, dusty, concrete, shadowed scrim

of locked existence, defying


and taxis, singing beauty,

love, and loss. I paused, applauded,

laughing, then flew home to you.

We never once looked back.


Kieran Fionn Murphy grew up in NY and now lives in Dingle with his family, where he co-founded Murphys Ice Cream. He is currently pursuing an MA in creative writing at UCC and hasn’t yet mended the folly of his ways.


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