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A Fiddler's Dream

by Darren Caffrey -

Now Dr. X wasn't anything to me

Just a professional

With a desk and certificates

And a print by Marc Chagall

Primary blues and reds

A kind of pastoral folklore

And he asks you

Why are you here

And you want to answer

But he's asking you questions

And you don't even know

What his name is yet

So you try to make him look away

By looking away yourself

But it doesn't work

Because he looks down

And you notice the writing pad

All of the writing is illegible

And he scribbles it out

But looks back up to see you

Thinking about animals

And you know he has you

Exactly where he wants you

And he was right

But you were right to lie

When he asked about the voices

No you said to him

I only hear farm animals now


Darren has written critically about public art exhibitions for a number of years, most recently in Circa and the Visual Artists supplement. His creative writing was included in Utopia, the spring issue of Emerge (2021). Thanks to the support of Words Ireland he is working with an acclaimed author and current short story winner with the aim of developing his own project in creative non fiction.

As an artist he received his MA through MAVIS /IADT in 2013 and has exhibited digital and moving image work within an installation context, exploring live art and performance settings in an ad hoc handmade aesthetic built around masculinity, labour and technology. These days he regularly attends Lime Square Poets, a poet's reading night where he says "...a range of voices both local and international give added flavour to my ear."


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